Michigan surface repair

Countertop & Surface Repair

Michigan Countertop Repair

Surface Saver LLC specializes is countertop repairs to existing counters and surfaces.

Surface Saver is proud to offer our customers and partners an outstanding service in countertop repair & surface restoration.

When scratches, etchings or chips are spreading overall your granite or marble countertop, the surface is worn and dull; it is more economical and effective to restore the countertop then buy a new one.

Countertop restoration allows you to get into shape or renew your existing granite or marble countertop to an excellent, as new condition using the process that is much cheaper than the price of replacement.

We repair: Scratches, Chips, Cracks.

Finish issues in: Granite, Marble, Solid Surface, Quartz, and Concrete.

We repair/replace all sinks.

Our Services

Michigan Granite Crack Repair

Crack Repairs

When cracks, chips and stains occur accidentally during use, it’s often possible to repair granite tiles and countertops. It’s important to make granite repairs as soon as possible because cracks may spread.

Crack Repair
Often marble, granite, and other natural stones crack, chip or become broken over time. Sometimes it is a tile…

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Scratch and Burn Repair

Scratch and Burn Removal

Burn marks on laminate countertops can appear when insufficient barriers are used between hot pans and plates and the laminate.

Nicks, scratches and cuts are inevitable with any high-use product, including Solid Surface. Since Solid Surface is solid all the way through, it is easy to renew to its original appearance.

Surface Saver LLC…

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Sink Replacement

Sink Replacement

The secret to a good countertop installation is preparation — and installing a countertop involves a lot more than considering which materials to use.

Replacing your sink
Replace your existing modeled-in (integral) Corian or other surface sink with almost any other size or type of sink. In as little as one day, you can change…

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